What should we wear for our photo shoot session?

The dreaded question... am I right? This is the number one question I get asked from clients! First, don't stress... I am here to help!

  • I always find clients are so much more comfortable if they're wearing clothes they feel confident and comfortable in, don't test out those new super high jeans you've been thinking about for years, go for styles you've worn before and you know you feel good in. Plan ahead... try on that dress move around in it, make sure it fits how you like.
  • Go for loose, flowy, natural fabrics like linen, cottons etc. that will move with you. 
  • Neutral, earthy colors such as beige, grey, white, black, denim, rust, mustard, blush, blue all look beautiful in the locations I generally shoot at 
  • Shoes - seems strange but they can make or break your outfit. Consider the location of the shoot...if you are REALLY struggling here barefoot is [usually] always an option
  • Make Up - Never hurts to leave things to the professionals - if your up for it schedule to get your make up done for your session. If doing yourself make sure to apply your makeup in natural light and apply just a little bit more than usual [make sure to blend foundation well with your neck]. If lipstick isn't your thing - make sure to at a minimum wear chap stick or lip gloss.
  • Glasses - If you typically wear glasses of course wear them for your session. If you have transitional lenses consider leaving them out of photos.
  • Avoid large prints and any large graphics or logos 
  • Avoid being too matchy, matchy - Ideally your outfits will compliment each other but not blend into each other 

Still need help? I've got you....

Here are some suggestions to help you prepare for your session: