Morning of Wedding Prep

Tips For The Best Prep Pictures

A little bit of planning will ensure that you get the best Bride and Groom prep photos! On the morning of the wedding there is so much excitement and a lot going on so we suggest getting everything ready well in advance. Have a think about what pictures you would like captured.

During getting ready, It’s the time for the bridal party to get familiar with having the photographer around snapping away. As a photographer during this time, I like to observe the connections between the people and gauge the emotions.

General Prep Tips

Let’s talk room environment. Dark, messy cluttered rooms can make be challenging. Getting ready can be a nice time to capture genuine emotions, but the atmosphere of the messy room can distract from the genuine moments happening and the beauty of the morning. Here are some things to consider.

While keeping the place tidy may be the furthest thing from your mind, there is usually a lot going on, but try to keep clutter hidden and to a minimum. Keep bags, suitcases, laundry and so on in a different room or wardrobe. I usually do a sweep of the room when I arrive to de-clutter and clean up the area, but its helpful if the mess is kept to a minimum. Distractions in the background can ruin a beautiful photograph

Remember what the day is all about, don’t panic if not all goes perfectly, because at the end of the day, you will have a husband/wife who you love and that is really all that matters. So, relax, enjoy and don’t panic about anything, delegate and trust your suppliers. It’s your wedding day, have fun creating great memories.

Don't Forget to Eat - Although many Brides and Grooms say they feel too anxious or excited to eat in the morning, it really is important to have a hearty, healthy breakfast to get you through the day. We need to keep your energy up for photos!!! Its a long day and the next time you are most likely to have food is when you sit down at your reception for dinner.

Hit Play on Some Sweet Turns - Prepare a playlist of your favourite songs to listen to, for the morning of my wedding. Don't forget to pack a set of portable speakers in your overnight bag if not getting ready at home.

Your day while probably feel like a whirlwind and go by so quickly- enjoy it - Have fun. Try to go with the flow.

Savour the celebration of your love, all of your favourite people around you (and make the most of enjoying all of that planning you did!)

Groom Prep

If you would like pictures of the groom getting ready then it’s best for your photographer to go to them first. I know this sounds more relevant for the ladies of the day,

but you guys do also need to prep to some degree, So the next points are for the guys. 

Accessories, Yes guy, you have accessories too! Socks and undies, make sure you have a clean set of each, make sure your shirt is ironed, and if you got yourself a French cuff shirt, did you get some cuff links for the day? Are you guys bow ties or ties? Do you know how to tie your ties? 

Please have all details ready to ensure a smooth running day. Eg – grooms suit, tie, shoes, cuff links, watch, cologne, buttonhole flowers and any other items that you would like photographed. Also ensure Groom & Groomsmen should all be showered and half dressed (pants on – not shirts or jackets just yet)

If you have a Groom & Groomsmen who aren't familiar with tying a tie - practice beforehand! This is often an afterthought. (u tube is your good mate for this)

Parents and any other family members should be fully dressed ready for portrait photos.

Bride Prep

Bridal preparation is one of our favourite parts of the day to photograph. It’s really special to have all your closest friends together to support you on your wedding day. We love the excitement and making sure our brides have beautiful photos they will treasure forever. It’s a great time to take natural photos of everyone having fun as well as more posed shots. This is the perfect time to take group photos with the girls and parents. Bride & Bridesmaids are usually just finishing up hair & makeup when we arrive.

Please have all details ready to ensure a smooth running day, brides flowers, rings, jewellery, shoes, perfume, invitations, and anything special that you would like shot such as a family heirloom or gifts.

Have your dress and bridesmaids dresses hanging up with the labels cut off all your pretty new things. You can do this for all the bridesmaids' dresses and accessories too. This allows us to take those all important detailed shots without having to disturb you and it also means everything is ready for you to slip into when hair and makeup is complete. If you are bringing a small clutch with essentials (lipstick, mints, rescue remedy) leave this ready to go too.

Parents and any other family members should be fully dressed ready for portrait photos.

Go to the toilet before you put your dress on! And if your dress is any kind of long, hooped, big - , allocate someone who (is willing) and can help you go to the toilet when you need. Trust me!

Your dress is probably going to get quite dirty if it's full length and will pick up everything - especially if you have a train. Once we hit your Reception, and most of the photos are done, just roll with it getting dirty and enjoy your night.

hope this helps with the morning of your wedding - please also remember to share with you the groom

Team AB xx