...Capturing candid BTS content of your day...


Our content Vibes package features an expert content creator with expertise , composition, and storytelling through the iPhone. We will be on-site, recording all of the wedding's special moments. You will be able to view the clips the following day, giving you the opportunity to experience the memories all over again.

It is important to acknowledge that a content creator should not be regarded as a substitute for a professional videographer.

What is a wedding content Creator?

Wedding content creators are for the modern couples who don’t want to miss a single Instagram-able moment of their wedding day. We are the one guest at your wedding allowed to have our phone out to capture your day, So your wedding can stay “unplugged” and your guests phone free, without sacrificing your wedding Instagram story.

Why you need a wedding content Creator?

When you have a life changing event as big as your wedding day, once it’s over all you want to do is re-live the day over and over again. How do you do this? You head straight to Instagram of course! You check out your latest notifications, watch stories you’ve been mentioned in or posts you’ve been tagged in. But how upsetting would it be if your favourite moments weren’t captured or your friends and family only managed to take that one blurry shot of you?

That’s where we come in. As well as taking those unforgettable moments through our Wedding Photography, we can also be there to capture the behind the scenes of your wedding on our phone and curating the best moments of your wedding into an Instagram Reel. Oh, and we’ll also send you all of the fun snaps and videos we took along the way!


iPhone Video Content Creator up to 8HRS

1-minute Instagram reel video

2 x 15 - 30 second Social Video

Heartfelt video messages from your guests

Heaps of candid iPhone videos shared through dropbox 48hrs after wedding