If you've been to our studio you will already know that we absolutely LOVE printing our work and producing gorgeous products for you to take home. I mean, you've spent all this time investing in your photo session, it just seems right to display it properly, am I right?! Don't get us wrong - getting your digital files from your session is super important! But we also believe that there's something pretty special about getting your hands on some of our archival quality products. Being able to see your photos printed perfectly, we will also work with you to make sure you can display them in just the right way.

Scroll down to see some of our favourites...

These metal prints have quickly become firm favourites around here. They're made from an incredibly thin metal which keeps them super light (so easy to hang!) with the most divine, glossy finish and colours that pop perfectly. Group them together on the wall for the perfect statement piece.

Metal not your thing?? Never mind, we have something equally as beautiful - mounted wooden prints. These gorgeous matte finish images are mounted on gorgeous oak colour wooden planks that are around half an inch thick. Available in a variety of sizes, the rectangle ones are even freestanding - making them even more versatile!

When you receive digital images from your wedding day, we still want this to be a special experience for you. That's why we have these gorgeous, custom-made wooden boxes and USB's along with a selection of the most beautiful prints from your wedding. You'll definitely want to leave these boxes out on display for years to come!

Don't worry, our portrait clients don't miss out! How sweet are these gorgeous mini custom USB boxes?? (these might have to be one of our favourite products EVER!)

To us, an album is an absolute necessity. Remember when you were a kid, leafing through the family photo albums? Over and over again, reliving memories and taking it all in. That's a harder concept in the digital world - it's hard to go through the many thousands of photos we take on a yearly basis. Which is why we're so passionate about albums - a physical memory, printed on archival quality paper, that will be seen and loved by the whole family.

Sick of freestanding frames? Looking for a new way to display your family or wedding photos? Lumi tiles are the perfect option! These one inch thick acrylic tiles have your images printed on them and they are stunning! Oh, and they make the perfect gift too.

These are just a few of the absolutely beautiful products we have available for purchase after your session (done in the privacy of your own home, within your online gallery). But we also have more!! If you'd like to find out more about our products, head on over to our pricing page...